Yvonne assisted our Deloitte Flexible Resources Management team with leadership development and Consciousness Coaching tools and techniques during the course of this year and over a period of 6 months.

Not only did the training enhance collaboration and team work among our team members, it also fostered so much personal growth and development for individuals and by doing so resulted in exceeding our annual budget which seemed unbelievable prior to the training. I would honestly not think twice about making use of Yvonne’s services again and would recommend this Leadership and Consciousness Coaching to any team / organisation wanting to embark on a journey of growth and development.



I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for my recent coaching journey with you. It’s taken the better part of year but what an experience.

In my first session I was a little sceptical as I had no idea what the journey would entail however I had an open mind and was willing to embrace the experience. A year later and I have fundamentally changed as a person. The coaching process was a catalyst for immense change in my life, both for me as a person and for the organisations in which I work.

Words cannot describe the level of self development I have managed to achieve. My life is in order, I have taken charge, I am mindful and present, I have a clearly defined vision, the people around me see me in a different light. I have left the story behind and have authentic and meaningful relationships.

I couldn’t have imagined a year ago what was possible but now I embrace every opportunity that comes my way, and funnily enough, I have attracted so many that I almost feel I need to slow down a little.

Thank you for being firm, honest and allowing me the room to realise my full potential. I am eternally grateful, thank you!
All my best,


Riona Rooplal

Yvonne has helped me piece my life back together. I was in total darkness when I first met Yvonne and through my journey with her, have moved into the light.

Her skills are amazing and enhances the coaching sessions she provides. Her teaching methods are simple but have had an enormous impact. Yvonne has saved my life in more ways than she will ever know. And for this, I will always be thankful and grateful, that I got to meet and be coached by this incredible woman. Riona Rooplal

Kind regards


Munya Chanetsa

I Munyaradzi Chanetsa can confidently say that Consciousness Coaching with Yvonne has been a life changing experience. After my sessions with her,  I have clarity of mind, I feel confident in the next decision or move I need to make, and I am in full control of my destiny.

There is a significant difference in the person I was prior to, and after having Consciousness Coaching with Yvonne. In my work life from being an unsure marketer to managing director of two companies is surely a testimony that Consciousness Coaching has transformed my life.

Yvonne always creates a safe environment for me to speak freely and to speak my truth. I must also add that Coaching is a two way exercise and I’m accountable and responsible to fulfill the commitments I make in each session. If do not fulfill my commitments I am only cheating myself and that is clear through my communications with Yvonne. She is firm, and is open and honest with her communication which I appreciate very much.

All in all Yvonne can use me as a reference anytime as I truly believe in her and her method of coaching


Munya Chanetsa

Director: Content Connect Africa


I came to Yvonne vulnerable, in pain, and in pieces. Through our journey together, she shone light into my dark corners guiding me as I regained my strength, power, peace and vitality.

Her methods are superb but the person behind the methods even more so. Genuine, wise, kind, solid in her truth and lovingly challenging, she breathes air into choking souls.

Yvonne was a gift and I will never forget her. Our time marked a turning point in my world, shifting me into a new evolution of me. And I’m eternally grateful.

Thank you for our sessions. Thank you for you. You really were an Angel exactly when I needed one.

I shudder to think where I’d be had I not met you.

Mark Payne

The test of a true and powerful testimonial is one that it is given without asking and from a genuine place – that’s certainly the case here.

Coming from a training and coaching background myself, I believe that the investment in oneself and ongoing self-education is key to be the best person for yourself and as a result, others.

The coaching process has reminded me to take knowledge into action, and has created magic growth, and a confirmation of the need for perpetual personal development

Continuous awareness of the Consciousness principles has forced me out of my comfort zone, changed the way I choose to act, and has most importantly reduced headspace clutter to enable me to think even more positively, clearly and creatively – it has been priceless!

I also appreciate your professional, friendly, yet “take none of my shit” approach.  What I’m putting out there in business and life if coming to me in leaps and bounds and the present and future will be bright thanks to your contribution!



Mark Payne

Slam International

Jeremy Mansfield

Yvonne Johnston, gently at times, and forcefully at others, managed to massage and channel an egotistical, self-centred, un-focused mind and spirit into a fully aware human being.

I was advised to see her when I was in a dark space. Her ability to recognise and accept that space and how debilitating it can be was a first step to establishing a relationship that I treasure and never will allow to be lost.

She led me slowly, from my side blindly at first,  through the darkness I had created and allowed to envelop me to a place which gave me the space to be myself. A space where I could do things I had never done in my life. Define boundaries, unburden my soul and look at and honestly evaluate myself, my needs, my vision of what I was and what I could be. And most importantly…like the picture she was helping me paint of me!

Encouraging, cajoling, pushing, chiding, laughing (with and at me!) and questioning. It was her method of acceptance, her determination, her knowledge and training that moved me on a continuum from a space of dread to a space of light, acceptance, surrender and serenity.

From her dismissive “oh! OK, so now you want to throw a pity-party for yourself?” to her warm, understanding, soul-soothing “you seeeeeeee? NOW you’ve got it” she was able to shift my attitudes and outlooks. Her coaching has transformed my life.

If you are reading this and feel these words are the ramblings of a pseudo-liberal, shoo-wow howzit broer, lentil-eating, recycled plakkie-wearing, dope-head, 50-something with long hair then maybe you need to book a course with this dynamic life coach. By the way, I aspire to the description I have just used! It may suit me. At some future stage. I don’t know. But right now I don’t care. I live in the present. In my purposeful, exciting, dynamic, stimulating, content, fun-filled and satisfying Act 3 of my life.

Thank you Von-Von.

Yolandie Kotze

Yvonne changed my life forever. She inspired me to let go, to say no, to empower my team and to live authentically. Truly authentically, not just as a value you hold. Yvonne is straight forward, honest and objective and with her guidance and support I now have a fuller, richer and more balanced life. The work I did with Yvonne spilled over into every aspect of my life, not only my career. She made me a better leader, a better employee, a better friend and I believe a better human being.

Yvonne coached me to prioritise my life and have the courage to change the things that don’t work. She taught me to do what is important instead of everything. And to have fun. After only a year, I have ticked all the little boxes on my list and I feel blessed to have had such an incredible coach to learn from. She kept me honest and on track.

Often when you are in a situation, it is difficult to see all the options available to you. That is what coaching did for me. It helped me to take a step back and see what is really there. Distance brings perspective and with awareness comes choice. Yvonne inspired me in more ways than I can put into words. There will always be more to learn, but today I own my life and love it. 

Grant Gerrits

In review of the executive team’s training and mentorship over past 18 months with you, I would like to mark some of the highlights:

We have seen radical shifts in the mindsets and behaviour of each of the executives. Early on we identified diminishing behaviour as a major theme right the way through our business management, even if we didn’t want to admit to it at first. Furthermore, micro-management was evident in our management style. Management silos and individualism within the various heads of department was also identified as we dug deeper into the daily functions and goals per department. What was even more clear was how this imbedded itself in the behaviour of not only the management team, but in the team’s departments throughout the business. This was clear hindrance to a progressive business like ours and we acknowledged that it would certainly affect our growth strategy. After the tough conversations about our (mis)management style, the changes we wanted to see, and a clear mapping our vision; we started wrestling through the changes, individually and collectively.

Very soon, the team started seeing evidence of improved leadership behaviour and a clear level of consciousness in their leadership approach from the responses that they were getting from their teams, and certainly from the responses that senior management was getting from the HODs

Goal congruence became a theme and we started seeing departments making decisions that might have impacted their own targets but would ultimately benefit the business as a whole – without any senior level interventions! Examples of this showed up in resource re-allocation between departments, and is still evident every day. We have seen our managers grow in decision-making confidence through the creation of a safe environment, but with absolute accountability and respect of their responsibility. Personally, I find this to be one of our greatest progressions.

We have seen a 22% increase in sales, with far healthier relationships with our customers, vastly improved teamwork between External and Internal Sales. Productivity is up 32% and the company has had 7 record-breaking months in a row.

We have seen this ultimately result in an increased level of decision-making on the factory floor, with accountability to the end result being respected. An adequate measure here would be a reduction in throughput waste from 2.1% in 2017 to 1.82% for 2018 YTD (amounting to >R100,000 reduction in Waste per month) together with a significant (32%) production capacity increase.

The changes made in our management style together with the changes to our physical environment both in the administration building as well as the factory floor have revived a great level of pride; and clearly resulted in a happier, more motivated work force.

We also noticed a reduced absenteeism from 6.8 days per employee per year in 2017 to 5.4 days per employee per year in 2018 for the same period together with a reduction of staff turnover year on year noted as well.

With your coaching and guidance, it is safe to say that we can now identify the executive team as “The Leadership” and no longer “The Managers”.

We look forward to our continued journey with you as we grow from strength to strength as a team and as a business.


Grant Gerrits

BoxLee (Pty) Ltd

Afrika Tikkun

When I first thought of approaching you to assist with a number of the issues we were faced with in Afrika Tikkun, I had no idea just how significant your contribution would be.  Afrika Tikkun is a reformed and far happier, more productive environment.  There is a far greater sense of purpose and understanding of who and what we do and what we are about.

The concept of empowerment has become alive through having a more conscious  approach.  Bullying within the organisation has stopped and people feel more motivated to commit to the organisation’s ideals.

This is as a direct result of the input you have made.

We are very grateful to you for your professionalism, your humaneness and your incredible ability to get to know each individual that you have consulted with.  We feel that you are a part and parcel of our “Afrika Tikkun family” and are most honoured to have you with us.

Warm wishes and lots of love,


Chief Executive Officer