The FirePower Group

The Firepower Group was co-founded by Yvonne Johnston and Violetta Pleshakova to serve the mission of creating courageous leaders.

We offer transformational training and coaching, both online and in-person.


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Firepower Business Bootcamp for entrepreneurs
Firepower Freedom Process
Firepower Money Mastery
Firepower Purpose Workshop

Fast Forward Your Business

We have helped over 60 business owners (amongst them are coaches, designers, florists, healers, real estate agents) stop being the best kept secret of their industry, own their expertise, develop strong and unique brand positioning, start valuing themselves more, put themselves out there, and double (or even triple) their income.

The key to creating these results is mastering the INNER GAME of entrepreneurship. This means: we teach you how to create success through the power of who you are BEING.

Our other two most popular offerings  are:

  • Courageous Conscious Leadership

  • Live Your Brilliance

During these 6 weeks with us, you will go on a journey of:

liberating your authentic voice,

letting go of people pleasing and doubting your value,

stepping into your powerful, courageous, successful self

Leaders are not born, they are trained – because they choose to BECOME more than the familiar traits of their character, more than their current skillset, more than the behaviors of their predecessors.

Instead of concluding that you are not a leader “by nature”, ask yourself some simple questions. Such as:

  • What kind of leader do I want to be, and what do I need to learn in order to get there?
  • What great leaders do I admire, and what specific behaviors they display can I implement?
  • What would empower me to be the best leader can I be?

Courageous Conscious Leadership starts with a choice.

What people are saying about Live Your Brilliance workshop:

“This workshop was for me the key to face the fear of failure what have stopped me to be successful in life. I did not dare to give everything I do 100%, which caused me so much struggle in my life. In this workshop I learned that if I dare to give 100% what ever what might happen, life is in flow and I am alive, I am flying.

This awareness is the first step to a life of Brilliance. Thank you so much Vi and Yvonne” – Carolien.