Life Lessons

10 Lessons I have Learned. Lesson 8. Be Authentic.

My life has been a space of perpetual learning. Here are a few of the key lessons, of the thousands I have logged over the years.

We all tell lies or stories to ourselves to justify how we behave and what we think. But this takes a lot of energy, keeping up pretenses.

What is your truth?

What is the cost to you of being inauthentic?

What is the cost to others around you?

Are they getting the best version of you in their lives?

Part of this is to stop people pleasing. Being authentic and people pleasing are mutually exclusive. When you spend your life trying to keep others happy, what are you doing to yourself? Trying to make others happy is all based on assumptions about what would do that – and those are usually incorrect.

Put yourself first. When you do, you are happier and able to give more generously, from a place that doesn’t build resentment

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