Life Lessons

10 Lessons I have Learned. Lesson 2 – Create your Life

My life has been a space of perpetual learning. Here are a few of the key lessons, of the thousands I have logged over the years.

Create your Life

Lesson number two is about responding to life, and what it throws at you. Do you know that the words REACTION and CREATION contain the same eight letters? And this is your choice, 3000 times a day. You can react to people, to situations, to external factors, and that will take you into victim mode, putting yourself on the back foot.

Or you can choose creation. What I mean by this is what life do you want to create? This is about being mindful. Mindfulness is just one breath. Take one breath and ask yourself this question, “what do I want to create here?” And then operate from that space. Stay connected to the vision, to the big picture.


If you want to create harmony, then be harmonious. It all starts with you.


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