10 Lessons I have Learned. Lesson 1 Show Up

My life has been a space of perpetual learning. Here are a few of the key lessons, of the thousands I have logged over the years.

Show Up – In Every Situation

Here’s the thing, almost everybody that I come across, settles. Settles for having less, settle for being less, settles for taking less responsibility, settles for an average, and sometimes even mediocre life. So, check in with yourself – where are you settling? Where are you saying that an 80% relationship, or 75% fitness, or 65% relationship with your children or family, is okay?

Let me tell you about 80%. We have been conditioned to think that 80% is the distinction, and that in fact is a great achievement. I am here to disabuse you of that notion. 80% means that there is a 20% gap. 20% missing. Would you like to get to the end of your life and have “Here lies Yvonne, she lived an 80% life”? The trouble with that is that 80% becomes the new benchmark, and 60% becomes the new distinction, and slowly but surely you dumb down your life, expecting less and less of yourself, and getting less and less.

The truth of life is this: the universe responds to you to the degree that you show up. Getting to 99% is hard work. Suddenly 100% is pure flow, everything works, everything you desire comes to you, and you operate in “the zone”. It’s about commitment – to self, to what you are doing, and to the people around you. Check in on your commitment level. When things aren’t working – ask…How committed am I? What do I have to do, or let go of to get this to 100% Nothing else will suffice if you want to have a great life.

So how much do you want to suck the juice out of life?

Make the decision, and show up to that degree.

I learned the lesson to show up, always, in every situation, and I have as a result, lived a charmed and blessed life, and so can you.

10 Lessons I have Learned. Lesson 1 Show Up
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