The Mountain and the Meadow

“You have to work hard to succeed”.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“Everything is a slog!”

“If you are a woman, you will have to work harder than men, and earn less”

“Put in the hours!”.

“If you keep at it, it will eventually work”.

“When you fail, pick yourself up and start again”

Do these statements sound familiar? Sadly, they are a part of many people’s conditioning. They become the beliefs that drive their behaviours. And so, people kill themselves working, long hours that deprive them of their family connections, their friendships, sometimes their marriages, almost always their health. Often their very sense of self.

Is THIS what life is about?  Is this ALL that it can be?

It’s as if that bloody Mount Everest rises up and stands before them, thwarting their progress and providing pitfall after pitfall, challenge after challenge, and immense pain.

When you believe there is a mountain, how do you behave?

Where’s the joy I ask? Like…. nowhere?

I have spent time questioning these beliefs. What if they simply aren’t true? I read that Richard Branson does one hour of email and meeting catch up a day! We have the same number of hours in our day as he does – so I have come to the inevitable conclusion that it is all about mindset.

What if there is no mountain? What if it is just a figment of your imagination? What if you could change that image in a heartbeat?

Imagine there is a meadow, wide open, under beautiful blue skies, with a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the trees that provide shade. What if the meadow is filled with tiny yellow and white flowers which are perfect in their simplicity? What if you can lay a blanket in the meadow and lie down, with your head resting on your arms and look up at the clouds and find the dragons and hearts and shapes that they form? What if complete ease and flow are possible? What if there is NO mountain?

When you believe you are in the meadow, how do you behave?

Some people have moments of the meadow, and then feel the compulsion to return to the mountain, not trusting the ease and peace of the meadow.

Trust! Have faith that life is indeed meant to be easy. WE make it difficult. What creates the ease? For me, it is about showing up, being 100% committed – that is where flow is created. If you continue to show up with every atom of your being, then this state is perpetual. The odd glitch will be just that, handle-able because you manage it from the tranquil meadow, not the harsh, demanding mountain face.

I invite you to join me in the meadow. Its pretty here.

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