Reframing “Confrontation”

Many people hold on to pain, resentments and separation from another because they are afraid to confront the issue that is keeping them apart. Afraid of a reaction, afraid to not be the “Nice” person, afraid of upsetting someone else. And so the separation continues, often worsening with time…. The longer you leave it the worse it gets. The idea of having to confront an issue sometimes becomes paralyzing.

So how does one cross the bridge from a negative, stressful situation to a positive, calm one? Something has to occur to remove the gap.

So, I invite you to reframe the “Confrontation” – the very nature of the word is negative and frightening. Imagine instead of thinking “I need to confront this person”, you think, “I need to resolve this situation.”

The words create a very different reaction, feeling, a different sense of anticipation. It is not nearly so scary.

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