Facing down your Fears

I haven’t done a lot of coaching during lockdown, but the sessions that I have held have been often extremely profound.

I have a client who has been through the kind of trauma that you wouldn’t wish on anyone – she lost her child in the most awful circumstances. She finally had the courage, and I mean REAL courage to face her feelings and fears and immense stuckness that was literally holding her hostage in a mental prison of her own making.

It was really tough. I needed to source my courage to face her pain – I find that often so difficult.

But together we asked into the dark tunnel.

When we emerged, emotionally spent – she looked at me and said “For 12 years I was a victim in the waiting room of my life. I didn’t want to take responsibility. Now I know how to. I feel completely liberated. ”
She has started to find joy and peace and calm.

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