Conscious Living on Crete

I am once again in Crete, assisting this time on the Soul Retreat which I did myself in June 2016. I have my workbook with me and am reflecting on how much my life has shifted since that time, proving that everyone is capable of change, that you are never too old to change your mind and way of thinking, and isn’t that what life is really all about? Perpetual learning and change…….

One of my first notes to self in 2016 was the “my level of self-criticism is unacceptable.” Wow! That has so changed. I can’t even remember criticising myself – my level of acceptance has completely changed. The way in which I speak to myself has completely changed.

I fully get now that “criticism” is feedback and can be learned from, and that is is that persons’ inadequacy and insecurity often that creates the criticism – its not about me. I realise that whilst occasionally I can sink back into that space, I pass through it quickly, or choose to rather be with people that I resonate with. “Go where the love is” I tell my clients – and I do the same – no need to be with people who are looking for what is wrong with you….

And so I watch those like minded people who have come to identify their Soul purpose – such beautiful gentle and meaningful work done with really special people. I feel grateful to be able to do this and I celebrate my life. #Consciousliving #Ilovemylife

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