Arguments : Stop At First Round

When we fight, we should stop after one round of exchange. Let me give you this example. A wife slaves over the stove to prepare dinner for her husband. She sets the table and tells her husband, “It is dinnertime.” The husband becomes annoyed and replied, “Alright, alright. Wait a minute!”

This is one round of exchange, and the wife should stop at this point.

If the wife continues another round of exchange, “Every time I call you, it is always ‘Alright, alright.’ How many times do you want to be called before you will come!”

The husband now becomes really irritated and retorts, “Don’t you see how busy I am?”

The wife gets even by saying, “Busy, busy! You are always busy. Don’t you have a clue that I am busy too?”

In this way, after two or three rounds of heated exchange, a fight erupts. So, please remember, when we fight, we should stop after one round of exchange. In the old days, duels were often settled after one round. If the conflict were to continue, there would be no end to it! If we keep fighting, how can we lead a happy life?

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