Fear of Failure

It is the human condition in a crisis, or even just in every day life, to automatically move into fear mode – what if? Create worst case scenario in that magnificent movie creating mind of yours….. here’s a new practice for you – start training your mind to go to WHAT IS BEST CASE SCENARIO

Imagine….. that the entire Universe is working in your favour – know that your mind cannot tell the difference between a thought and reality – so imagine that everything is conspiring FOR your good…..WOW! Now there’s a thought!

You get what you are interested in – you get what your thoughts create – that is why Fear of Failure creates…??? What??? FAILURE??? yes, because you are so afraid of failure that you don’t take the first step, the first action, and therefore you create…..Yes! FAILURE!

SO, beware what you are interested in – beware of the journey you send your energy on… Take care with your words, and start imagining BEST Case scenario….. it is a game changer!

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