Don’t Compromise, Work on a third Option

So many of my couple clients, having been to therapy previously, have been told to compromise. I have a different view. 

Compromise for me says that both parties have to give in, to do stuff the other wants, To give up wanting exactly what they want. To be quiet, not voice their wishes….doing stuff that they don’t want to…., so everyone ends up sort of 80% happy, and 20% unhappy. So there is a 40% “Happiness gap” in the relationship. 

I fear this may lead to resentment. 

What is there is another way? What if you can co-create a different option, an option where you take the best of both ideas and craft another one, previously un-thought of idea that has the possibility of making you both 120% happy.

Work on the third option. Co create something wonderful, new, refreshing and energising…..

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