What do Control Freaks want to Control?

Many people define themselves as “Control Freaks”.

What is it that they want to control?

Usually what they want to control is other people, their actions and their outcomes.

What drives that need?

Fear is the driver

  • They are afraid that the outcome might not be exactly what they want.
    • Afraid others might judge them,
    • afraid that without control there will be chaos.
    • Afraid that things wont be done right.
    • Afraid of failure

I invite you to identify how YOU feel when someone tries to control you. Does if feel good? Does it motivate or inspire you? How do you react? What is RIGHT? Whose right is it? Is yours the ONLY Right?

The reality is that we can’t even control what will happen in the next two minutes of our lives. We cant control ANYTHING external from ourselves.

What CAN we control?

Our Thinking
Our Feelings
Our Reactions
Our Actions
Our Words

What is the opposite of control?

Allowing things to unfold/happen
Embracing of others and outcomes

What is the result of doing the opposite?

  • Less stress for you and everybody around you.
    • More happiness
    Which do you choose?

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