Self-mastery and Leadership Coach

I run two businesses: Fast Forward Coaching and The Firepower Group.

I support people to move their lives and businesses forward;  fast:

  •  through helping them create clarity
  • rediscovering their aliveness, and
  • finding the courage to be true to themselves.

    My training includes Consciousness Coaching; Shadow work with Debbie Ford, Multipliers Leadership Development; Emotional Freedom Technique.

    In Fast Forward Coaching, I coach one-on-one and groups. I also develop custom-made programs that provide clients with tools to build a new leadership brand or simply get the most value, potential and intelligence out of their existing talent.

    Leadership can be learned. Companies and organisations approach me to develop turnkey leadership and self-mastery programmes programs to provide leaders with tangible and practical tools that will help them deliver competitive results and make an impact.

The Firepower Group, I co-founded with my brilliant business partner, Violetta Pleshakova, focusses on courageous, conscious leadership and specific self-mastery and entrepreneurship courses.



What does the journey from people pleaser to powerhouse look like? And what steps can you take towards living your truth today?